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Astonishingly, Gavin Newsom calls for “transparency”

Unusual source for this!
“You expose it. The only way to do it is that you’ve got to expose it. I mean no one understands procurement, no one even knows what the hell you’re talking about, but education is needed and you have to expose the “cartels.” I know that’s strong, but those are the types of words you’ve got to use in order to make people wake up, because otherwise people are never going to understand this stuff. It’s so complicated. It’s so dull, and it’s so important. I have a lot of friends who are part of the problem, and they’re friends because they do some good work, but they’re also part of a system that’s frankly pretty corrupted by money, lobbying and by standard operating procedures. And we’re all complicit.
I am … well, I’m part of the problem, and so all of us have to own up to it. It’s not an indictment of individuals, it’s an indictment of the system at large.”
We are embarrassingly weak when it comes to transparency. In fact, we are one of the least transparent states in this country. It’s inexcusable. It’s unconscionable, and we are wholly inadequate in terms of our legislative thrust and mandates, and it’s just inexcusable. So the answer is an unequivocal yes. We’ve got a lot of work to do as it relates to transparency.
— Gavin Newsom
Read the full story here.

Joe Eskenazi in San Francisco Magazine Shows How Gavin Newsom Gained Power Through Ballot Initiatives

Joe Eskenazi writes in San Francisco Magazine:

“The relative ease of getting measures on the ballot enables politicians who have—surprise!—political motivations for going to the voters. The best local example of this was when Supervisor Gavin Newsom introduced the Care Not Cash measure in 2002 and won the mayor’s race a year later. “Gavin wasn’t as prolific a legislator as others,” recalls his campaign manager, Jim Ross. “But every voter knew he was working on stuff, because every election he’d have a measure on the ballot.” If not for Care Not Cash, “Gavin would not have been mayor,” notes one of his political contemporaries. “The big thing is, on ballot measures, there’s no contribution limit. You can be blunt with donors: ‘Hey, if you like me, this helps me elevate myself!’”

You can read more (including how fellow corporate conservative Supervisor Scott Wiener manipulates the process) here.

You can read about the egregious Care Not Cash (called by many “Con Not Cash”) in a Poor Magazine op ed penned by a homeless man  here.

Convenient Timing or Corruption?

The San Diego Reader writes

“San Diego, billionaire Jacobs’s initial 2012 drive for his Balboa Park bulldozing plan was marked by a $12,000 contribution to the reelection bid of Democratic lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom, less than a month after Newsom sent a letter to California state preservation officer Wayne Donaldson, in which Newsom demanded that Donaldson “withdraw your comments” critical of the project.”

Read more here

Peter Thiel Gives $56,400 to Newsom’s Gubernatorial Campaign!

A very controversial donor!

A notable Democratic exception: Thiel gave $56,400 in July last year to Gavin Newsom’s run for governor, the maximum. We’re told Newsom and Thiel have a political relationship dating to Newsom’s days on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Read more here:

Does Willie Brown Hold Gavin Newsom in Contempt?

Former SF Weekly writer Joe Eskenazi is now the chief rabble rouser for the liberal establishment monthly magazine, San Francisco Magazine. His piece on Willie Brown —  the man who made Gavin Newsom — is a must read!

Joe Eskenazi writes in San Francisco Magazine:

In the meantime, Brown can columnize about instituting transit policies that would, nakedly, benefit his rideshare-app client or promote his political creation Gavin Newsom as a potential Hillary Clinton running mate. (Perhaps coincidentally, Lieutenant Governor Newsom has pushed a San Bernardino County plan to allow the use of eminent domain to seize homeowners’ underwater mortgages—a plan that would enrich a company in which Brown is a partner. In private, and when not writing for the newspaper of record, confidants say Brown is far less charitable regarding Newsom’s abilities.)

Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom

Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom

Will Villaraigosa enter?

“I have a lot of service left in me,” says Los Angeles’s former mayor Villaraigosa, the LA version of a Newsom-style vacuous bobblehead politician.

The Associated Press reports.

This, most definitely, makes us barf:

“Now in private business and consulting, Villaraigosa has been helping Hillary Clinton raise money — he was a national co-chair for her 2008 presidential campaign. He considered running for U.S. Senate this year, but declined.”

The Newsom$ and the Getty$

Dan Walters, writing in The Sacramento Bee, highlights the relationship between the Gettys and the Newsoms:

Gavin Newsom Smirks

Gavin Newsom Smirks

“A $2 billion investment trust owned by William Getty’s father, composer Gordon Getty, and managed by Newsom’s father, William Newsom Jr., provided the initial financing for PlumpJack, named for a Gordon Getty opera.

“William Newsom Jr. resigned from the state appellate court, to which he had been named by lifelong friend Jerry Brown, to manage investments for Gordon Getty, also a friend dating to high school days

“Gavin Newsom’s grandfather, William Newsom Sr., was a close friend and fundraiser for Brown’s father, Pat Brown. And just as Pat Brown’s governorship ended, the sneior (sic!) Newsom was awarded a concession for the Squaw Valley ski area, developed by the state for the 1960 Winter Olympics, and site of the first PlumpJack restaurant. A few years later, Newsom swapped the concession for some state-owned land in Stockton, then sold it to a developer.

“During his first governship, Jerry Brown not only appointed Gavin Newsom’s father to superior and appellate court judgeships, but hired Carole Onorato, the judge’s sister, as an adviser.

“Meanwhile, Brown also had a close relationship with the Getty’s. Gordon Getty’s socialite wife, Ann, often acted as the young governor’s hostess and fundraiser.

“Essentially, Gavin Newsom is Brown’s quasi-nephew and, as mayor of San Francisco, originally planned to run against his quasi uncle for the governorship in 2010.”